Sanchemia API and synthesis

Sanochemia Corp, based in Stamford, CT represents Sanochemia Pharmazeutika AG, based in Vienna, Austria which specializes in the field of synthetic API research and is able to offer contract manufacturing in their extensive facilities that are fully cGMP and FDA compliant.

Multipurpose synthesis installations enable Sanochemia to offer a wide range of contract synthesis and manufacturing services.

Sanochemia was the first company to be able to provide and economically viable synthetic supply of Galantamine for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. This product (natural compound, 9 step chiral synthesis) had previously only been available in limited amounts from naturally occurring sources.

Sanochemia offers an outstanding level of competence in complex chemical synthesis, in particular in the areas of chiral synthesis and resolution, hydride reactions and heterocylic chemistry. Such expertise has already resulted in partnerships with several major pharmaceutical companies.

Sanochemia has established with these clients, an excellent reputation for gram-scale to commercial manufacturing volumes and in scale-up and manufacturing process optimization. With fully computerized and automated systems Sanochemia is able to carry out highly specialized reactions in the manufacturing process. These include the handling of allergenic or air sensitive compounds and synthesis at a wide range of temperatures. (-35 to +150 C)

Reactor volumes range from 600 to 4000L with a total reactor volume of 12 cubic meters. Sanochemia also offers Class 100,000 ventilation systems in all production areas.

Sanochemia expertise can also provide analytical method development and validation. Their DMFs meet all filling requirements for FDA and EP. Sanochemia can offer a full range of contract manufacturing services in a highly sophisticated environment.

An informational brochure is available on request. To discuss your manufacturing needs please contact Bill Basinger Tel.: 704/953-7393, or e-mail: