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01. March - 05. March 2017

ECR Austria Center - Vienna



Sanochemia Pharmazeutika AG is a specialty pharmaceuticals company with its own production facilities and outstanding levels of developmental expertise.
We are firmly established in the indication areas of neurodegeneration, pain, oncology and clinical diagnostics - all of which are characterised by high therapeutic demands and urgent need for innovative drugs to improve patient quality of life.



The production division is engaged in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical substances (APIs), drug formulation and pharmaceutical production. These activities are performed either on behalf of the Human Pharmaceuticals Division or on a contract manufacturing basis and are, in part, based on patent-protected processes. The range of services provided by this division spans the chemical synthesis of innovative APIs to the manufacture of drugs and clinical diagnostics.



The human pharmaceuticals division is primarily responsible for the Group's diagnostic activities. Our SANOCHEMIA Diagnostics subsidiaries manufacture and distribute radiological products in selected markets. We currently operate sales offices in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the US.



In the USA Sanochemia Corp. has been founded. The HIV test Fluorognost® is the market leader among the immunofluorescence assays available in the US and is approved by the FDA for use both in screening and confirmatory testing. // more info...



Sanochemia Diagnostics is currently looking for licencees and/or distribution partners for the following countries: France, Poland, Turkey and Italy. For further information please contact us by e-mail: