Fluorognost HIV-1 IFA Training Seminar

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This is for informational and educational purposes only, strict adherence to package insert instructions should always be observed when using Fluorognost HIV-1 for human specimens.

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Fluorognost HIV-1 IFA Assay Workshop

Event: Fluorognost HIV-1 IFA Assay Workshop


Duration: 1 hr

On June the 18th 2002 Sanochemia presented a live workshop for current and prospective new customers on the FLUOROGNOST HIV-1 IFA CONFIRMATION ASSAY. We presented this workshop online from Neufeld Austria and Westport, CT. and Chicago, IL
First, we spend a short time familiarizing you with our Fluorognost IFA HIV-1 Confirmation Assay.
Next, we move on to a quick overview of the 90 minute set up for Fluorognost, with tips and pointers.
The primary object of the remaining time is dedicated to viewing slides and reviewing how to read results for HIV-1 confirmation. Photos of actual patient slides and controls will be presented on your computer for review, dialog is provided .
Finally, we have 15-20 minutes of questions and comments that further improve understanding of the FLUOROGNOST HIV-1 Confirmation assay.