Aug 2011

Fluorognost HIV-1 package insert is now available in Spanish language as well!

Fluorognost VIH-1 ficha tecnica en Espangol disponible!



Feb 2009

updated MSDS for Fluorognost HIV-1 available for download!




SANOCHEMIA US is incorporated as a Delaware Corporation




Sanochemia concentrates diagnostics in new subsidiary Sanochemia Diagnostics International More information




MMWR - FLUOROGNOST HIV-1 IFA available as HIV-1 Confirmation view document


FDA Approved, HIV Confirmatory Test

Sanochemia┬┤s Fluorognost IFA HIV-1 is the result of dedicated research and development since 1985. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the assay in February 1992. Previously known as Waldheim IFA, Fluorognost IFA confirmatory test for HIV-1 allows laboratories to establish a definite status for samples that are positive or indeterminate by routine screening assays as a PRIMARY CONFIRMATION TEST for HIV-1 instead of western blot. Serum, plasma and dried blood spot (DBS)* eluates are all suitable substrates for testing. The assay is completed in 90 minutes, requires minimal amounts of sample, and provides an extremely high degree of accuracy. Fluorognost HIV-1 IFA is currently being used by many Public Health Laboratories, Blood Banks, Commercial Reference Laboratories and other labs performing HIV-1 testing in the US and Europe.

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