The Company

Sanochemia Pharmazeutika AG is a Specialty Pharma Company with pharmaceutical development competence and its own API and contrast media manufacturing. Our group is focusing on international business, being able to gain full potential of our current products and future developments. The Groups markets are characterized by above average growth rates and high margins. We intend to convert this potential into profits and will be focusing our activities in this direction.

As an innovative and flexible pharmaceutical specialist, we are active in high-potential segments of the pharmaceutical market. This positioning allows us to maximize the potential in our core business areas of development and production. Our expertise lies in rapidly and efficiently tapping previously unexploited potential in known substances by means of new administration forms and application technologies.

Our strengths lie in the efficient management of complex pharmaceutical projects from clinical development through to registration, i.e. projects that are already close to the market. Whether it is the in-house development of high quality APIs or the production of defined formulations, we have the knowledge and the means to perform all of the phases of product manufacture at our Neufeld plant. As a full-service provider of specialty pharmaceuticals, SANOCHEMIA covers the entire length of the value added chain and, as a result, has been successful in considerably consolidating the Groups position in the market.